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Boland Group Graduate Programme is comprised of companies owned and managed by the Boland family, who have been operating in Ireland since 1922. With 14 motor retail locations, including Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny, Limerick and Waterford, Boland Group employs over 250 people across all sectors of the motor industry.

In addition to motor retail, the group also operates car rental company – Hertz Car Rental, Hertz Car Sales, travel logistics company – NVD, and B2B used car stock company -Trade Sales.

Boland Group Graduate Programme allows you to interact with the world’s major car manufacturers at an extremely exciting time. The motor industry is evolving into an intensive phase, where new technology is developing and aligning to meet strict emission levels set out by world governments. This includes PHEV – plug-in electric vehicles – Hybrid, Full Electric, and other mobility vehicles and solutions.

If you are interested in the motor industry and would like to be part of this important and exciting phase, Boland Group Graduate Programme is offering you the opportunity to join one of Ireland’s leading motor retailers. Continuous expansion within Boland Group allows unrivalled opportunities for ambitious and motivated individuals to start their career in a progressive environment.