Meet Our 2020 Graduates: Luke Quinlan

Friday , 15, January 2021 Leave a comment

Here’s what our UL graduate Luke had to say on his experience and main job responsibilities in the graduate program so far:

“The thing about the graduate program I like most is that I have already gained experience in many different areas of the business and get an oversight of how they work. I started the graduate program working in the sales department but whilst learning about how the sales department works, I also got involved with many other job tasks and initiatives.

I done a lot of work with data analytics which involved generating leads, however I could to try create more sales for our dealership. Each day I look at the service department bookings for the following day, I look at the customer history of the people who come in, with the aim of identifying those who might be in the market for a new car in the near future. I also prepare reports from our customer database for the sales team to use in order to make contact with previous customers where there might be an opportunity to sell them a new car.

I was also introduced to how the marketing department works, as I worked on the LinkedIn posting for our dealership. This was a good way to get some experience in marketing as I exchange ideas with the marketing team, and always have a good idea of what kind of content we are posting. Another great thing about the role I’m currently is that even though I am a recent graduate my ideas are valued. When I had an idea to extend an offer to healthcare workers to make servicing more accessible by collecting their cars, it was nice to be given the go ahead so quickly and to see the offer generate some bookings for our workshop.

Although I am still learning in sales and working on my skills for dealing with customers I still continue to gain experience in other areas. I have no doubt then when I Finish the program I will have gained a lot of great experience and knowledge about the motor industry.”