Next up is Aaron O’Hanlon, Accounts & Logistics Graduate in Hertz Car Sales, Waterford.

We recently asked Aaron about his experience on the Boland Group Graduate Programme, here’s what he had to say.

“Ever since starting my career with Hertz I have gained valuable experience into the operations within the motor industry. My daily tasks include bank reconciliations, processing of invoices and compiling daily reports to reflect the day to day running of the business.

From a logistics aspect, I ensure that our dealerships have adequate stock in order to give our customers a variety options to choose from. We are currently operating a click and deliver system which has presented a great opportunity for me and has highlighted the importance of logistics within the company.

I would highly recommend the Boland Graduate Programme, the group is very welcoming and the experience you gain along the way is extremely valuable towards career development”.

Thank you for sharing with us Aaron, applications for 2021 Graduates will be reopening in the coming weeks.

Aaron O’Hanlon, Hertz Car Sales

Next up is Shane Kavanagh, Sales & Marketing Graduate in Hertz Car Sales, Blarney.

Shane has recently completed a Master’s in Management & Marketing in University College Cork. Since completing his Masters, Shane has joined The Boland Group Graduate Programme.

Here’s what he has to share about his experience so far.

“I have been working as a Sales & Marketing Executive for Hertz Car Sales in Blarney for the past 6-months. The role has taught me invaluable negotiation, interpersonal and organisational skills which are crucial for any graduate.

My day-to-day tasks include appraising vehicles, creating a daily social media plan and communicating with potential customers. The role has really helped me grow both professionally and personally while teaching me very important career skills.

I would highly recommend The Boland Graduate Program; everyone has been very welcoming, and it is evident that the company values developing the careers of their staff”.

Thank you for sharing with us Shane.

Shane Kavanagh, Hertz Car Sales, Blarney

Here’s what our UL graduate Luke had to say on his experience and main job responsibilities in the graduate program so far:

“The thing about the graduate program I like most is that I have already gained experience in many different areas of the business and get an oversight of how they work. I started the graduate program working in the sales department but whilst learning about how the sales department works, I also got involved with many other job tasks and initiatives.

I done a lot of work with data analytics which involved generating leads, however I could to try create more sales for our dealership. Each day I look at the service department bookings for the following day, I look at the customer history of the people who come in, with the aim of identifying those who might be in the market for a new car in the near future. I also prepare reports from our customer database for the sales team to use in order to make contact with previous customers where there might be an opportunity to sell them a new car.

I was also introduced to how the marketing department works, as I worked on the LinkedIn posting for our dealership. This was a good way to get some experience in marketing as I exchange ideas with the marketing team, and always have a good idea of what kind of content we are posting. Another great thing about the role I’m currently is that even though I am a recent graduate my ideas are valued. When I had an idea to extend an offer to healthcare workers to make servicing more accessible by collecting their cars, it was nice to be given the go ahead so quickly and to see the offer generate some bookings for our workshop.

Although I am still learning in sales and working on my skills for dealing with customers I still continue to gain experience in other areas. I have no doubt then when I Finish the program I will have gained a lot of great experience and knowledge about the motor industry.”

Sinéad is a graduate of Waterford Institute of Technology where she studied Bachelor of Business with Human Resources. Sinéad is one of the graduates on this year’s Boland Graduate Programme and has completed three months now in our Jaguar Land Rover dealership. Let’s see what Sinéad has to say about her experience on the graduate programme so far.

“The Boland Graduate programme has been the perfect way to start my career after completing college, no two days are the same which I love as your always learning something new.

I work closely with the Marketing department to develop content for our social media platforms. I really enjoy creating engaging & informative content to help increase our brand awareness. One of the highlights for me so far was getting to spend a morning with our Brand Ambassador, Joseph O’Brien. I spent the morning at Carriganóg Hill watching the routine that Joseph go through each morning & how the Land Rover Discovery makes the routine all that bit easier. I am really looking forward to working more on this project in the new year.

I am really lucky that that I am given a lot of responsibility as a graduate. For example, when we developed a new website with G Forces. I was responsible to liaise with them and prepare content. This was a great opportunity for me and allowed me to gain experience in website development & maintenance.

Our website has never been so important with Covid restrictions, I work on having our website user friendly & informative for our customers. Now that customers are unable to visit us as much with restrictions, we bring the showroom to their homes. To achieve this we have implemented 360 degree interior & exterior videos of all our vehicles website so that customers have a full view of our range from their couch ! This is one of the many adaptions we have made to help make our customer experience more enjoyable.

Thanks for sharing with us Sinéad !

For more information on our graduate programme application, follow our LinkedIn page for further details

Meet Aoife O’Neill, Receptionist & first port of call in Audi Waterford.

Aoife joined us in August after completing the Bachelor of Business & Human Resources Degree in Waterford Institute of Technology. Let’s see what Aoife has to say about her new career in Bolands so far!

“It is great working in the motor industry as it is very exciting, vibrant industry and no two days are the same.

Every morning consists of ensuring the showroom is ready to welcome customers for the day. I am front of house so I must make sure that each customer is greeted with a friendly face and am there to answer or direct any questions that customers may have. It is great getting an opportunity to interact directly with the public. Another part of front desk is ensuring all emails are dealt with appropriately and all calls are distributed accordingly.

Due to the industry being so dynamic, my role really gives me a chance to gain experience in a variety of facets of the company. This allows me to put multiple areas I studied in college to use.

I assist the Sales team by completing the change of ownership for every car sale and ensuring the tax of all cars is up to date. Another important part of my day is completing invoicing for the bodywork carried out on cars preparing them for sale.

After Sales is a very important part of our company and we work hard to keep it to a high standard. To maintain this high standard of customer service, each day I carry out service follow up calls.

I also assist the Marketing team in creating content for the social media pages to engage our customer base and marketing campaigns we have run here.

I really enjoy the variation of my role and the opportunity to gain experience in so many areas of the company, I am very grateful for the responsibility I have been given”.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Aoife, best of luck in your new role.

Aoife O’Neill, Audi Waterford

This week, Jack takes us through a day in his life in T&C where he is currently working as a Sales Executive.

“Every Morning, the Sales team meet to discuss our enquires and plans for the day. This is made up of myself, our General Manager, our Business Manager and the Senior Sales Executive. I suppose this is the one constant I have – the great thing about working here is that no two days are the same!

After our morning meeting, I will carry out any tasks that have been delegated to me such as updating stock information on our website, taking pictures of new stock & booking in trade ins for service/bodywork etc.

Of course, being in sales means I get to interact with the public also. Its great to have the opportunity to talk with customers who are interested in buying vehicles and taking them through the process – right from appraising their own vehicle to sealing the deal for their new car!

A lot of my works ultimate goal is lead generation – that is engaging with the public/our customer base to encourage them to buy a car. This means I post content on social media to engage with our customers as well as helping with newspaper/radio ads. I work closely with our Business Manager in reviewing current customers finance agreements – this is very interesting as it’s a big part of the motor industry now, we will analyse agreements where we feel a customer can get a better deal.

So far I have had an input in our branding, design plans for upgrading our showroom and developing our new website.

As I said the role I have is varied – I really enjoy it because of this. You are exposed to almost every facet of a business that you are shown in college. There is elements of sales, finance, marketing and management in my role. Over the next year I hope to continue on this path; being involved in many areas and growing our customer base – this ultimately means more success for both myself and T&C Motors

Thank you to Jack for sharing his experience with us. If you would like to apply for our 2021 Graduate Programme follow our LinkedIn page for application updates.

Jack Brophy, Sales Executive, T&C Motors

This week PJ, our graduate specialist in Hertz Car Sales is sharing with us what a typical day on the Boland Graduate programme looks like for him. No two days are ever the same but this is a run through of a typical day in the life for PJ.

“To begin my day, I will start off the morning in trade sales tender unit moving cars to & from the unit. I will then photograph and video the cars. It is vital that we really have high quality clear pictures to show the customer the car to it’s best potential. Now that our business is all online this is now more important than ever.

Once all the photos have been taken, I go to Hertz Car Sale Preparation Centre. Here I carry out the final checks on any of the cars that have completed the preparation process & photograph them for the Hertz Car Sales website. Once this is complete, I go to the Hertz compound and book in the ex-rentals. Here I complete the service write up & bodywork dockets in advance of them entering the preparation process. I will often have to check for keys, batteries and key features of the car before they leave.

Once this is complete, I spend the remainder of my day replying to emails and online marketing for Hertz & Trade Sales.

So far, I am really enjoying my role in Hertz. They give me a lot of my own interesting tasks & responsibility which I am really grateful for as a graduate. I am looking forward to the variety of different projects that I will get to work on over the next year!”

PJ O’Kelly, Graduate Specialist, Hertz Car Sales

STAR Interview Technique

Do you struggle to give clear and concise answers in your interviews? There is a variety of methods which can be used to help solve this problem. One method which our graduates recommend is the STAR interview technique.

The STAR interview technique is designed to help people structure their answers. STAR is an acronym that stands for: Situation, Task, Action & Result.

This is a great technique for answering behavioral interview questions, these are questions based on your past achievements & behaviors. The objective of this question is to determine how applicants have solved previous work situations, this then helps the hiring manager understand if you are a s suitable candiatate.

How does the STAR method work?

Each letter represents an important concept. The STAR technique helps you work your way through an answer in a coherent way.

  1. Situation: Share the context around the challenge or situation you faced at the start of the story.
  2. Task: What did you have to do?
  3. Action: What steps did you take to ensure you completed the task?
  4. Result: What was the outcome? Use examples of how your efforts helped achieve the final outcome.

Generally, behavioral interview questions ask questions relating to the challenges you faced at work, allowing the interviewer to understand the skills you posses.

Ultimately, the STAR interview technique is a great way to plan out your answers.

Good Luck 🙂

We recently asked our Graduates what advice they would give anyone applying for any of our graduate positions. Hear directly from our graduates their tips and advice on the process.

“Let your personality shine through your interview, they are looking to know about you, your experience and what you can bring to the company” -Sinéad Tobin, Marketing

“Everyone is different but we all have equal opportunities to grow and develop. Be yourself and you will not regret it” – Luke Quinlan, Sales

“Try to think about ideas of what you would like to bring to company and what interests you about the brand” – Jack Brophy, Sales

“Make sure you know why you want to work for Bolands and why Bolands should choose you” – John Sweeny, Sales

This October marked the start of the Boland Group Graduate Programme. We were delighted to welcome five business graduates who will be working with us over the next 16 months.

This programme is the perfect opportunity for graduates who are looking to develop a career in the motor industry. Each graduate will be placed in a garage where they will again a wide variety of experience & knowledge in a fast-paced environment.

The graduates will work in areas such as Sales & Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Aftersales, Logistics, Data Analysts and much more. This will allow them an insight into the new changes which are being developed by the leading motor manufacturers in the world such as Jaguar Land Rover & Volvo. They will also complete a management certificate which will qualify them as a manager in their area of choice.

Over the coming weeks, our graduates will be sharing their experience so far with us.

We welcome all our graduates, and we look forward to working with them over the coming months.