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STAR Interview Technique

Do you struggle to give clear and concise answers in your interviews? There is a variety of methods which can be used to help solve this problem. One method which our graduates recommend is the STAR interview technique.

The STAR interview technique is designed to help people structure their answers. STAR is an acronym that stands for: Situation, Task, Action & Result.

This is a great technique for answering behavioral interview questions, these are questions based on your past achievements & behaviors. The objective of this question is to determine how applicants have solved previous work situations, this then helps the hiring manager understand if you are a s suitable candiatate.

How does the STAR method work?

Each letter represents an important concept. The STAR technique helps you work your way through an answer in a coherent way.

  1. Situation: Share the context around the challenge or situation you faced at the start of the story.
  2. Task: What did you have to do?
  3. Action: What steps did you take to ensure you completed the task?
  4. Result: What was the outcome? Use examples of how your efforts helped achieve the final outcome.

Generally, behavioral interview questions ask questions relating to the challenges you faced at work, allowing the interviewer to understand the skills you posses.

Ultimately, the STAR interview technique is a great way to plan out your answers.

Good Luck 🙂